Coffee roasted with wood from the Italian Apennines

Good coffee roasted the traditional way

Torrcaffè was founded with the ambition of rediscovering the true, authentic flavour of coffee. Our experienced master roasters have recovered and innovated the ancient technique of wood-roasting: the slower firing means that the bean is baked right through, giving the coffee more body and aroma.

Wood roasting brings out all the aromas of coffee

Our process is 100% artisanal. We monitor every step in the chain, from the selective cutting of trees, through to the roasting itself. We use a combination of black oak and white beech from the hillsides of Emilia Romagna, to obtain the unmistakable flavour that distinguishes our coffee.

Organic coffee: good for you, and for the environment

To roast our coffee, we only use wood from our local Apennine mountains. To respect the ecosystem, which guarantees the high quality of our region’s produce, we use quality timber that brings the very best out of each bean, giving it a unique character.

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