Packed with all the flavours of the Earth

Let yourself be enveloped by the harmonious flavours in our organic coffee. Our blend is a perfectly balanced mix of the distinctive notes of bitter cacao and tobacco, with the more delicate hints of hazelnut and honey: our roasting method ensures that all the aromas are fully preserved in each bean.

Our coffee is certified organic

Organic certification is a guarantee of respect for environmental sustainability and a fair production process. Our coffee is cultivated in harmony with nature. Even our packaging is designed to support recycling and eco-sustainability.

Quality coffee for your customers

Certified organic coffee is your customers’ guarantee of a product designed to protect the health of the environment and the consumer, at every stage of production, from plantation to cup. Our coffee meets with all international standards, which require the use of natural fertilisers, the introduction of insects that eliminate harmful coffee pests, and a ban on using pesticides or chemicals. You can obtain our exclusive organic coffee (the only wood-roasted brand).

Becoming an organic Torrcaffè café is easy

By becoming an organic Torrcaffè café, you can count on a partner who can fulfil all your needs promptly and accurately. Our years of experience and professionalism combined with our decision to follow a sustainable cultivation and production process means you can give your café a superior coffee, for the well-being of your customers and of the planet.

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