Certified, ecological, organic coffee

Packed with all the flavours of the Earth

Let yourself be enveloped by the harmonious flavours in our organic coffee. Our blend is a perfectly balanced mix of the distinctive notes of bitter cacao and tobacco, with the more delicate hints of hazelnut and honey: our roasting method ensures that all the aromas are fully preserved in each bean.

Our coffee is certified organic

Organic certification is a guarantee of respect for environmental sustainability and a fair production process. Our coffee is cultivated in harmony with nature. Even our packaging is designed to support recycling and eco-sustainability.

Coffee roasted with wood from the Italian Apennines

To roast our coffee, we only use wood from our local Apennine mountains. To respect the ecosystem, which guarantees the high quality of our region’s produce, we use quality timber that brings the very best out of each bean, giving it a unique character.

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