The choice of wood and its typology play a crucial role in determining the final result of the coffee. By using selected and seasoned woods, the company ensures a lively and constant flame, which enhances the sensory characteristics of the coffee without compromising its purity. The preference for woods native to the Apennines, such as oak, beech and poplar, contributes to the creation of an authentic product linked to the territory. This attention to detail translates into uniform and controlled combustion, resulting in a perfect roast and an unmistakable aroma, distinctive of our artisanal tradition.

The care taken in the selection of the woods used and their craftsmanship reflects the company’s commitment to offering a superior quality coffee, where every step of the process is carefully designed to guarantee an excellent result. Thanks to the combination of indigenous woods and the craftsmanship of our master roasters, we are able to create a unique sensory experience that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.